Meet The Artisan

Meet Our Leather Artisan

Seth Weiss

As a kid I would sign all my artwork and handmade crafts with my middle name - Dakota. Crafting leather goods is my outlet to create high quality and eye catching leather pieces with the minimalist in mind. Completely self taught, I honor the handmade process. From hand selecting the leather I use hand tooling every step of the way, you can rest assured that each piece will last a lifetime and only get better with age.


 The Process

It all starts by find the right hide. I use vegetable tanned leather sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in the world.  My hands, eyes and nose examine each hide before I buy it. I then trace and cut the pattern, clean up the edges, stamp the initials, and punch holes for stitching

The next step is to hand dye the leather using water based leather dye and a piece of sheep wool, I meticulously apply the dye. To make it all come together, I hand stitch the seams. Tiger Ritza 25 thread is my jam because the thread filaments are braided together to create additional strength and durability.  I then burnish the edges using a wooden dowel and a burnishing agent by rubbing the edges to fuse the leather seams together.

The last step is to make it shine baby! I apply a leather finish and conditioner that makes the leather piece come to life.

I hope you enjoy your wallets as much as I enjoy making them!




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